Rye/Fescue Testing


One of the issues I do have with bluegrass is its long germination time. I do have some spots I would like to fill in rather quickly. I have sections of my yard that are some variety of fine fescue and those spots seem to do very well most of the year. After doing a bunch of research, I determined that I would like to test Grand Slam perennial rye grass, Radar fine fescue and 4th Millenium tall fescue. I planted those indoor plots on May 11th, 2020.

Update: 5/24/2020

It’s been almost two weeks since I originally planted these. At this point, both the Grand Slam and 4th Millenium would be ready for their first cut. The Grand Slam is doing the best as expected (because it is a rye grass) and it is the majority of the grass is over 4″ tall. The 4th Millenium is just behind with most of the grass being around 3.5″ tall. The Radar fine fescue is about 2″ tall.

This is the Grand Slam Perennial Ryegrass at about 4″ tall in 2 weeks.
This is the 4th Millennium turf type tall fescue at about 3.5″ at two weeks.
This is the Radar fine fescue at about 2″ tall at two weeks.

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