White Dutch Clover in the lawn Pt. 1

There are areas of my lawn that don’t seem to grow much of anything. I have planted grass seed for the past several years and nothing happens. I want some ground cover until I try to plant grass again in the Fall of 2020, so I decided to try white dutch clover.

I put down seed in some of the rough areas on May 6th. It is now the 16th of May and it seems like it is starting to germinate in about 30% of the area I put it down in. I followed up the rough areas with another round of seed today and I also overseeded it in the side yard and parts of the front yard. The front yard is where I have spent the majority of my time over the past few years trying to get it back to life. Unfortunately it is being invaded right now by Black Medic. I have used chemicals in the past and it was extremely difficult to get it to go away. The only thing I found that worked was to get the grass healthy enough to choke it out. I’m hoping that the clover will quickly germinate and try to push it out this time. I don’t have any particular problem having clover in my yard as long as it is providing some benefit.

This is some of the White Dutch Clover that I decided to grow indoors. This is about a week and 3 days since it was planted.

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