Bluegrass Testing Pt. 1

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Right now my yard is kind of a mess. I believe the previous home owners always cut the lawn short and always bagged the clippings. As a result, there aren’t a whole lot of nutrients and there are a lot of different weeds that have taken over the yard.

I have tried overseeding and fertilizing over the past several years and the yard is looking a lot better. The lawn is looking a lot better, but it still needs a lot of work. The predominant grass type is turf type tall fescue which seems to do OK in my zone which is 7B. However, I would like a grass that is capable of repairing itself and filling in the bald spots.

The summers here can get absolutely brutal and they start quickly. We can go from a day where it is in the 40’s to a day when it almost hits 90. In July and August, we typically have a little bit of a drought where we can go one or two weeks of 90 degree weather without any rain.

I have spent a lot of time looking at different grass seeds and decided to go ahead and try bluegrass. There are some hybrid varieties that seem to do well in Texas and I figured they might do well here in my yard. So I ended up ordering small amounts of Fahrenheit 90, SPF 30, Blue Note, Midnight and Skye.

I am doing two different test plots. One is inside and one is outside. The game plan is whichever one seems to do the best (with a bias towards the one that does best outside), I will be planting in the fall.

I set up the indoor test plot on 4/30/2020 and the outdoor test plot on 5/2/2020. I am keeping the soil moist and misting it several times a day.

This is the indoor plot.
This is the outdoor plot.

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